⇒ My band would like to play at Submit Fest / a Submit Fest presents show. What should we do?
If you want your band to be considered for Submit Fest or a Submit Fest Presents show, you can send us an e-mail. Please check the band application page on what to include when you reach out.  

⇒ My band would like to apply for the band contest (opener slot for Submit Fest). How do we proceed?
That is awesome and we’d love to hear from you. If you want your band to be considered for the opener slot for Submit Fest 2019, make sure you check the band application page on what to include in your e-mail and where you can send it to. Keep in mind that we can only take applications from Dutch upcoming bands in consideration for this spot.  

⇒  We have applied for the band contest, but we haven’t heard anything back yet?
All bands competing in the band contest will receive a response on the set date.
The apply date for the contest for our 2019 edition will run from 12.02.2019 until 31.03.2019. You will receive a response after the applying period ends.

⇒ I have an idea to collaborate with Submit Fest.
We would love to hear your idea for a collaboration! Feel free to send us an e-mail, you can find all the contact info on our contact page.

⇒ Where does Submit Fest take place?
Submit Fest takes place at Baroeg in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Check out the Travel page on how to get there.

⇒ What’s the best way to get in touch with the Submit Fest crew?
You can get in touch with us through e-mail, our Facebook page and our LinkedIn page. We’re also often presents at various festivals and gigs, if you see us, feel free to say hi :)

⇒ I’m a booker and I have some bands that I want to apply for Submit Fest / Submit Fest events. What’s the best way to do so?
We’d love to hear from you and the best way is to send us an e-mail. Keep in mind that all applications are handled one by one and take time. We'll contact you when interested. Haven't received a response yet? We might not have a suitable option for you (yet) but we always hold on to information of the applications with your approval.

⇒ Press accreditation:
Members of the press or photographers wanting to cover Submit Fest / a Submit Fest presents show can send a request to info@submitfest.nlPlease make sure to include the following:

  • Subject
    Press accreditation, name, company - event, year
  • Personal details
    Name, contact information and amount of people
  • Company details
    Please provide the name, contact information, short description, including type (webzine, print, etc), country of origin and coverage

⇒ ATM:
There are no ATM’s inside Baroeg. You can find the nearest ATM across the street from the venue. If you want to buy merchandise from the bands, make sure to bring some cash with you :)  

⇒ Houserules:
Submit Fest takes place at Baroeg. Check out www.baroeg.nl for the houserules.