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Press inquiries

Are you a journalist or photographer and looking for accreditation?
Requests can be sent to
Please make sure to include the following:

  • Subject
    Press accreditation, name, company - event, year
  • Personal details
    Name, contact information and amount of people
  • Company details
    Please provide the name, contact information, short description, including type (webzine, print, etc), country of origin and coverage

Band application

Applications can be sent to
Please make sure to include the following:

  • Subject
    Band application, name band - event, year (if you apply for the band contest please include this)
  • Contact person
    Name and contact information
  • Description of the band
    Short but sweet!
  • Social Media link
    Facebook required
  • Music
    Please provide a link to an album, EP or video. This may be from a live performance as well. Preferably a minimum of three own songs in the repertoire.
  • Files
    If you're sending files in a link make sure to name them as follows: band name, title, date (DD-MM-YY)
    Large files such as hi-res photographs, press kit files attached to your e-mail won't be downloaded unless requested.

Please consider if your band suits the line-up beforehand to prevent disappointment.


All applications are handled one by one and take time. We'll contact you when interested. Haven't received a response yet? We might not have a suitable option for you (yet) but we always hold on to information of the applications with your approval.

Band Contest
All bands competing in the band contest receive a response on the set date.