Band application

Applications can be sent to
Please make sure to include the following:

  • Subject
    Band application, name band - event, year (if you apply for the band contest please include this)
  • Contact person
    Name and contact information
  • Description of the band
    Short but sweet!
  • Social Media link
    Facebook required
  • Music
    Please provide a link to an album, EP or video. This may be from a live performance as well. Preferably a minimum of three own songs in the repertoire.
  • Files
    If you're sending files in a link make sure to name them as follows: band name, title, date (DD-MM-YY)
    Large files such as hi-res photographs, press kit files attached to your e-mail won't be downloaded unless requested.

Please consider if your band suits the line-up beforehand to prevent disappointment.


All applications are handled one by one and take time. We'll contact you when interested. Haven't received a response yet? We might not have a suitable option for you (yet) but we always hold on to information of the applications with your approval.

Band Contest
All bands competing in the band contest receive a response on the set date.